Singapore Day London 2009

This project is on Singapore Day London 2009, which happened earlier this year on 25th May. When I embarked on this project in November last year, it was still not decided that Singapore Day will happen in London. Nonetheless, here’s my take on Singapore Day London.

Logo Design

Singapore Day London Logo

A series of print ads

Introduced popular Singapore icons whom Singaporeans can instantly relate to.

London Soldier Phua Chu Kang
Phua Chu Kang as London Soldier
Kumar Drag Queen
Kumar as The Queen
liang po po abbey road
Liang Po Po as herself on Abbey Road (made famous by The Beatles)

Ads on The London Bus

London Bus

Car Decal for Singapore taxis

car decalDecal is printed on both front and back. When viewed from outside the taxi, it is a silhouette of the respective Singapore icons. When viewed from inside the taxi, the full image and and more details can be seen.

Admission Tickets

Inspired by Singapore Parking Coupons

Behind the ticket is a lucky draw coupon which resembles a Singapore Airlines Economy Class ticket. The prize is a trip back home.

Goodie Bag

Straits Times article on the goodie bag, featuring Singapore Day London. A photo booth will be available at the event, where instant photo prints will be given away to the attendees. These photos can then be pasted onto the goodie bag — as if they were on the front page of Straits Times.straits times goodie bag


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