Philips AirFryer Campaign

Bryan Wong AirFryer

This is a campaign to promote the Philips AirFryer, a revolutionary kitchen appliance that allows you to fry a variety of tasty meals that are low fat, delicious and quick.

Lose the fat, not the taste!

A collection of recipes are specially created by Chef Lisa Leong for the Philips AirFryer. With that mission in mind, we went on to do a food photo shoot for the recipes featured in the book. We also did a photoshoot separately with Bryan Wong, the ambassador of the Philips AirFryer.

Client: Philips AirFryer
Agency: Design Rules Pte Ltd
Art Direction: Pang Yuting
Food Styling: Chef Lisa Leong, Pang Yuting
Photography: Watson

potato wedges


Seafood Balls

french fries

Fried Beancurd

Potato Boats

Chicken Roulette


five spice prawns

ngoh hiang

BBQ char siew

bryan wong airfryer ambassador

bryan wong airfryer ambassador





french fries recipe


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