Lyke Logomark

Logo Design for Lyke

Logo Design, Brand Identity

Brand identity design for Lyke, a shopping app housing quirky, cool buys for individuals who love interesting knick-knacks and hard to find design pieces.

The logo shows a blossoming “♥” within the letter “y”. I went with a basic sans serif font, flat colours and a romantic yet playful pink—without introducing anything overly fancy—because love should be simple like that.

Lyke Logo Reverse White

Lyke Logo Grid

Lyke Logomark

The Lyke logo and brand mark can be easily adapted from digital to print, lending vibrance and energy to various stationery and brand merchandise. The brand mark developed also provides instant visual recognition for the brand.


Lyke Goodies

(Photo credit)

The Lyke Mob

(Photo credit)

Note: Campaign photos are used to showcase the adaptability and versatility of the Lyke logo and brand mark. The collaterals are not designed by me.


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