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IA. User Journey, UX & UI Design

Connect with customers everywhere and bring your business online. Get listed, get seen.

Many SMEs have little or no online presence. This template allows them to create beautiful websites in minutes.

The 2 key strategies of this website design are:

  1. Introduce perpetual discovery.
  2. Give users a voice.

Introduce perpetual discovery

By introducing large beautiful images and useful information like promotions, we seek to capture the audience’s attention and encourage discovery.

Give users a voice

Having avenues for users to connect with business through a contact form and social media give users a voice. This builds trust between clients and the businesses.

Another communication tool we introduced is the “ask for a quote” form, where customers can quickly ask for a quotation through this website.



business website

Fully responsive, mobile ready

business directory

business directory


Increased page views, more pages consumed per visit and bounce rate dropped by almost 15%.


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