Hackathon: Travel App

travel app

Concept Development, User Journey, UX & UI Design, Art Direction

This is a personal project I worked on while at a hackathon (AppHackSG) organised by AngelHack.

The app interface was designed in 8 hours and passed on to the developers to complete within 24 hours. Proud to say that this app emerged as one of the TOP 10 FINALISTS (out of 25 teams).

The Idea Behind

Whenever I travel, I find it a hassle to crawl the internet & social media to scour for places to visit and plan an itinerary.

I often dream of having one platform that can do everything, and so I created an app that can do just that.

Putting Thoughts On Paper

Some sketches & wireframing to jot down my ideas. I wanted it to be a website initially, but I changed it to an app after deciding to join the App Hackathon.

The App

This nifty app recommends curated tourist attractions, hidden gems, and allows you to “heart” them — a more affectionate way of bookmarking your places of interests.

Travel app

It is also smart enough to recommend you activities based on the time of the day. Eg. Breakfast places in the morning (AM), activities suitable for the afternoon (PM), and nightlife fun stuff (NIGHT).

Travel app

You can then seamlessly move on to plan your day-to-day itinerary by the hour. Great for the OCDs like me.

Travel App

Simply add any of your favourites to your “Planner” and wala! Your itinerary planning is done!

Travel App

Safe travels. 🙂


What the judges said:

Beautifully designed. Having curated advice for travel could be interesting.

I also had curious apphackers ask me how I arrived at the colour palette & logo design.


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