IA, User Journey, UX & UI Design Working overseas but need to attend to your mails back home in Singapore? Wish there was someone to scan your mails and email them to you? No worries! SAM (a product of SingPost) launched a new service called ScanMail. As what the name says, this service scans your snail mails, essentiallyContinue reading “ScanMail”


Your store on the web

IA. User Journey, UX & UI Design Connect with customers everywhere and bring your business online. Get listed, get seen. Many SMEs have little or no online presence. This template allows them to create beautiful websites in minutes. The 2 key strategies of this website design are: Introduce perpetual discovery. Give users a voice. Introduce perpetualContinue reading “Your store on the web”


  Logo Design This logo draws its strength from femininity. The “+” logo mark is a strong floral icon that ladies can immediately identify with. Modern and contemporary—this font exudes confidence in its own straightforward, upfront personality. Logo variations UX & UI, web responsive Marketing Communications Advertising & facebook banners for STYL+. This massive channel rebranding and overhaulContinue reading “STYL+”

Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts

Gamification, Illustration To increase engagement and visits to inSing Movies, movie reviewers get to unlock badges when they hit key milestones: 10 reviews – Newbie 20 reviews – Movie Lover 50 reviews – Movie Expert Users can also unlock special badges if they are an expert reviewer in specific movie genres: Action & Adventure Romance Comedy Horror AnimationContinue reading “Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts”

HungryGoWhere: Your In-flight Food Guru

Electronic food guide design for an airline in-flight entertainment system. *** Up in the air on route to Singapore? Looking to fill your tummy with delicious food? HungryGoWhere knows where to eat and what to eat. This in-flight food guide dishes out the best recommendations. By the time you touch down, you’re all prepared for your foodContinue reading “HungryGoWhere: Your In-flight Food Guru”

Valentine’s Day Playbook

Creative Direction, Illustration A guide to a lovely Valentine’s Day date. This curated V. Day guide gives you tips on gift ideas, top places to dine, best restaurants for a romantic meal and more. Instead of simply calling it a guide (boing), I proposed the concept of a “Valentine’s Day Playbook” to spice things up a little.