Singapore Day London 2009

This project is on Singapore Day London 2009, which happened earlier this year on 25th May. When I embarked on this project in November last year, it was still not decided that Singapore Day will happen in London. Nonetheless, here’s my take on Singapore Day London. Logo Design A series of print ads Introduced popular Singapore icons whomContinue reading “Singapore Day London 2009”


Attain Nirvana: Don’t overwork your kidneys.

Illustration: Pang Yuting Creative & Art Direction: Pang Yuting Copywriting: Pang Yuting This project talks about how to take care of our 2 precious kidneys, which most people are naturally born with. The whole idea started from the organ trade saga which happened last year, whereby Mr. Tang paid an obscenely huge amount of money in desperationContinue reading “Attain Nirvana: Don’t overwork your kidneys.”

Packaging Design

Packaging design for bath soaps. I created a new brand (and its logo) for this project—modus vivendi, which means “a way of life”. Target audience: Teens and young adults Designs for 2 scents: Green Mint (branded as Go Getter for males) & Citrus Leaf (Eternal Optimist for females) Hip, trendy, vibrant, energetic, fresh are the keyContinue reading “Packaging Design”