inSing Movies: New Look!

inSing Movies New Look

Illustration & Art Direction

These illustration are created to promote and introduce readers to our Movies channel that recently got a facelift. I decided to introduce a couple of popcorn characters with facial expression to excite and ‘speak’ to the audience.

movies new look facebook coverpopcorn pop art

Again introducing the usual suspects (popcorns), this illustration is for a contest aimed at encouraging contribution of movie reviews.

Movie Reviews Contest


Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts

movie badges design

Gamification, Illustration

To increase engagement and visits to inSing Movies, movie reviewers get to unlock badges when they hit key milestones:

  • 10 reviews – Newbie
  • 20 reviews – Movie Lover
  • 50 reviews – Movie Expert

Users can also unlock special badges if they are an expert reviewer in specific movie genres:

  • Action & Adventure
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Animation
  • Kids & Family

Movie Newbie

Movie Lover

Movie Expert

Action Film

Romance Film

Comedy Film

Horror Film

Animation Film

Family Film

HungryGoWhere: Your In-flight Food Guru

Electronic food guide design for an airline in-flight entertainment system.


Up in the air on route to Singapore? Looking to fill your tummy with delicious food?

HungryGoWhere knows where to eat and what to eat. This in-flight food guide dishes out the best recommendations. By the time you touch down, you’re all prepared for your food adventure.

IA, User Journey, UX & UI

HungryGoWhere: your in-flight food guru

HungryGoWhere in-flight food guru

Explore food options via categories—browse by trip type, location, meal times and cuisine.

HungryGoWhere in-flight food guru

Search results feature tastefully curated food recommendations from

Filters on the left allow users to sieve through search results based on their needs.

HungryGoWhere in-flight food guru

Article page.

HungryGoWhere in-flight food guru

Users can choose to email food article to themselves for future reference.

Valentine’s Day Playbook

Creative Direction, Illustration

A guide to a lovely Valentine’s Day date. This curated V. Day guide gives you tips on gift ideas, top places to dine, best restaurants for a romantic meal and more.

Instead of simply calling it a guide (boing), I proposed the concept of a “Valentine’s Day Playbook” to spice things up a little.

Valentine's Day Play Book

Valentine's Day Playbook

HungryGoWhere App

HungryGoWhere App

IA, User Journey, UX, UI Design

Awards and Recognition
Best Local App, Readers’ Choice Award 2013 — Stuff Magazine
Highest Rated App — Straits Times Digital Life

HungryGoWhere wins Best Local App

Stuff Magazine, the biggest selling gadget magazine in the world, announced the winners of its “Reader’s Choice Award” in Singapore. Facing stiff competition from the creme of market leading local apps, including Chope, Perx, Bubbly and Burpple, HungryGoWhere won “Best Local App”.

Over 20,000 readers took part in the poll, part of the magazine’s re-launch into Singapore.

HungryGoWhere app

iOS App.

HungryGoWhere App

HungryGoWhere AppHungryGoWhere App

HungryGoWhere App

Android App.

HungryGoWhere Android App

HungryGoWhere Android

HungryGoWhere Android App

HungryGoWhere Android App

Philips Saeco Italian Phrasebook

philips saeco italian phrasebook

Art Direction

Being an Italian brand, this is an effort by Philips Saeco to romanticise the Italian coffee drinking experience.

Italy is the land of culture and beauty, of delicious espresso, gelato, food, heritage and of course, passion.

To ensure that you know exactly what to say when you meet a hot guy or girl, here is a quick and simple Italian phrasebook with important phrases that will help you get the most out of your Italian experience.

italian phrasebook

italian phrasebook

italian phrasebook

italian phrasebook

italian phrasebook

italian phrasebook

Philips AirFryer Campaign

This is a campaign to promote the Philips AirFryer, a revolutionary kitchen appliance that allows you to fry a variety of tasty meals that are low fat, delicious and quick.

Lose the fat, not the taste!

A collection of recipes are specially created by Chef Lisa Leong for the Philips AirFryer. With that mission in mind, we went on to do a food photo shoot for the recipes featured in the book. We also did a photoshoot separately with Bryan Wong, the ambassador of the Philips AirFryer.

Client: Philips AirFryer
Agency: Design Rules Pte Ltd
Art Direction: Pang Yuting
Food Styling: Chef Lisa Leong, Pang Yuting
Photography: Watson

potato wedges


Seafood Balls

french fries

Fried Beancurd

Potato Boats

Chicken Roulette


five spice prawns

ngoh hiang

BBQ char siew

bryan wong airfryer ambassador

bryan wong airfryer ambassador





french fries recipe