Hackathon: Travel App

Concept Development, User Journey, UX & UI Design, Art Direction This is a personal project I worked on while at a hackathon (AppHackSG) organised by AngelHack. The app interface was designed in 8 hours and passed on to the developers to complete within 24 hours. Proud to say that this app emerged as one of the TOP 10Continue reading “Hackathon: Travel App”

inSing Movies: New Look!

Illustration & Art Direction These illustration are created to promote and introduce readers to our Movies channel that recently got a facelift. I decided to introduce a couple of popcorn characters with facial expression to excite and ‘speak’ to the audience. — Again introducing the usual suspects (popcorns), this illustration is for a contest aimedContinue reading “inSing Movies: New Look!”

Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts

Gamification, Illustration To increase engagement and visits to inSing Movies, movie reviewers get to unlock badges when they hit key milestones: 10 reviews – Newbie 20 reviews – Movie Lover 50 reviews – Movie Expert Users can also unlock special badges if they are an expert reviewer in specific movie genres: Action & Adventure Romance Comedy Horror AnimationContinue reading “Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts”

Valentine’s Day Playbook

Creative Direction, Illustration A guide to a lovely Valentine’s Day date. This curated V. Day guide gives you tips on gift ideas, top places to dine, best restaurants for a romantic meal and more. Instead of simply calling it a guide (boing), I proposed the concept of a “Valentine’s Day Playbook” to spice things up a little.

Singapore Day London 2009

This project is on Singapore Day London 2009, which happened earlier this year on 25th May. When I embarked on this project in November last year, it was still not decided that Singapore Day will happen in London. Nonetheless, here’s my take on Singapore Day London. Logo Design A series of print ads Introduced popular Singapore icons whomContinue reading “Singapore Day London 2009”

Attain Nirvana: Don’t overwork your kidneys.

Illustration: Pang Yuting Creative & Art Direction: Pang Yuting Copywriting: Pang Yuting This project talks about how to take care of our 2 precious kidneys, which most people are naturally born with. The whole idea started from the organ trade saga which happened last year, whereby Mr. Tang paid an obscenely huge amount of money in desperationContinue reading “Attain Nirvana: Don’t overwork your kidneys.”