inSing Movies: New Look!

Illustration & Art Direction These illustration are created to promote and introduce readers to our Movies channel that recently got a facelift. I decided to introduce a couple of popcorn characters with facial expression to excite and ‘speak’ to the audience. — Again introducing the usual suspects (popcorns), this illustration is for a contest aimedContinue reading “inSing Movies: New Look!”

Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts

Gamification, Illustration To increase engagement and visits to inSing Movies, movie reviewers get to unlock badges when they hit key milestones: 10 reviews – Newbie 20 reviews – Movie Lover 50 reviews – Movie Expert Users can also unlock special badges if they are an expert reviewer in specific movie genres: Action & Adventure Romance Comedy Horror AnimationContinue reading “Gamification: Badges for Movie Addicts”